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What are the delivery methods?

Nutrimuscle delivery to the UK:

Thanks to Chronopost we can either offer deliveries to a pick-up station or to your home. Chronopost requires a delivery fee if you desire to receive your package at your home.

What are the preparation delays for my order?

Any order placed and paid for before 12am is shipped out the same day (except weekends and holidays).
The order is sent to our logistics team to be carefully prepared and then shipped.

Your package travels under the guarantee conditions of Chronopost.

You can track the shipment, progress and delivery of your package using SMS and tracking emails.

Why was my package returned to Nutrimuscle?

If you have put in an incorrect address or if you did not go and pick up your parcel at the pick up station within the time limit, your parcel will be automatically returned to Nutrimuscle.

The shipping costs related to an error in the delivery address are the responsibility of the buyer as well as the return costs.

Return costs resulting from the expired storage period (8 days for Chrono Relais Points and 14 days for Post Offices) are the responsibility of the buyer.

These costs are different depending on the weight of the package.

Why is it important to check my package upon delivery?

Upon receipt of your order, you must check the contents of your package and the condition of the goods before signing the delivery slip.

If the delivery person or the receiver of your package does not let you open it to see that the contents are in good condition, you must note on the delivery note: "The delivery person (or the receiver) refused that I check the contents".

If, when checking the merchandise, it appears that it has been damaged during transport, you must refuse it and above all write down your comments on the delivery slip.

Then, please let us know by email or phone.

If these steps are not taken, we will not be able to be reimbursed by the carrier and therefore compensate you.

Shipping fees

Shipping fees for the UK : 

Condition  Price 
 Home delivery in 4-6 days 0 - 9,99 kg £ 4.95
 Home delivery in 4-6 days

10 - 29,5 kg 

£ 11.95

Service point delivery Chronopost 4-6 days 0 - 19 kg Free


Standard delivery and tracked delivery - Chronopost 4-6 days: orders are delivered within 4 to 6 working days (excluding public holidays in Belgium) from the time they are taken over by the carrier.

How can I track my order ?

You can follow the shipping, tracking and delivery of your package from your customer account.

You will also receive a shipping and delivery confirmation SMS if you provided a valid mobile phone number when ordering.

My account

How do I log on to the website ?

Just click on the button "MY ACCOUNT" and enter your email address and your password.
You will be automatically redirected to your Nutrimuscle customer area.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Once registered, each member will receive Nutrimuscle's newsletter.
With our newsletter you discover Nutrimuscle's news, information on your supplements and keep updated with our latest products, studies and results of test groups.

To unsubscribe from Nutrimuscle's newsletter, nothing could be simpler: just click on the link at the bottom of any newsletter!

You can re-subscribe at any time via the newsletter block at the bottom of each page of the website.

How can I register?

Click on the "MY ACCOUNT" button.
Fill out the form with the requested information.
After validation you will receive an e-mail to confirm the creation of your account.
You can now log in to the Nutrimuscle website and find all your previous orders in your account.

I want to delete my account, what should I do?

If you wish to delete your customer account, we invite you to contact our customer service by email: contact@nutrimuscle.com

This allows us to erase your personal data from our database and to confirm your request to you.

I can't log in to my customer account

If you have a problem accessing your account, first of all:

  1. Check that the email address entered is correct
  2. Create a new password on this page
  3. You will receive an email allowing you to reset your password.
If despite these tips the problem persists, contact us by email or phone.


How to track my order

You can track the shipment, progress and delivery of your package from your customer account.

You will also receive an SMS confirmation of shipment and delivery if you entered a valid mobile phone number when ordering.

How can I place an order?

From the Nutrimuscle website:

  1. Select the items of your choice in the product sheets and click on "add to cart", or directly in our collections with the "Express Purchase" functionality;
  2. When you have finished your purchases, click on the “Basket” icon;
  3. If your basket is higher than or equal to £50, select your free products;
  4. Identify yourself or, if this is your first visit, register by creating a Nutrimuscle customer account.
  5. Fill in your delivery information;
  6. You then arrive on the online payment page, select your payment method and finalize your order!

payment and reduction

Is online payment secure?

Yes, all of the online payment methods we offer are 100% secure. You have the choice to pay:

  • By credit card directly on the website via our partner Stripe,
  • Via the secure payment system Paypal.
We have no access to your bank details!

What are the payment options available ?

Online payment on our website Nutrimuscle.com:

We offer several payment methods on our website:

  • Secure payment by credit card in one go with our partner Stripe (credit card, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, Maestro).
  • Secure payment with Paypal.

Bank transfer :

  • From the UK : IBAN FR76 1027 8043 1300 0201 6140 122 - BIC CMCIFR2A

By cheque :

  1. Create an account and choose your products;
  2. On the payment page, choose the "Payment by cheque";
  3. Print * the order confirmation page and attach it to your mail;
  4. Prepare a cheque for the exact amount of the order;
  5. Send it to NUTRIMUSCLE;
  6. Sign it and indicate the order number on the back of the cheque
  7. Send your cheque and the order number to the following address:

58, rue de Châteaudun
75009 PARIS

How to benefit from promotions on Nutrimuscle?

At Nutrimuscle we don't do sales or promo codes. We guarantee the freshness of our products: no repackaging which makes it possible to extend the expiration date, no purchase of "missed batches" or close to the expiration date at a discounted price.

For all these reasons, we buy our raw material at a high price and we strive to offer an affordable price, especially on large packages, all year round.

However, we offer many advantages to our customers all year round starting from the first order:

The only exception is that we offer a 5% reduction to law enforcement professionals.

How to pay in installments?

If you want to pay for your order in two installments, it's very simple:
  1. Create an account and choose your products;
  2. On the payment page, choose the "Payment by cheque";
  3. Print * the order confirmation page and attach it to your mail;
  4. Prepare your two cheques for half of the total order amount each;
  5. Send them to NUTRIMUSCLE;
  6. Sign them and indicate the order number on the back of each check;
  7. Send your two cheques to the following address:
58, rue de Châteaudun
75009 PARIS

The cashing of the two cheques is done over two consecutive months.

* If you do not have a printer, simply indicate your order number on the back of the check.

Products and services

How to get free Nutrimuscle products?

With us, no need to accumulate costly orders to benefit from rewards, from your first order you have access to the best products, at the best price ... and to free products that will allow you to discover our entire range!

Origin of raw materials at Nutrimuscle

It is rare to know the names of the suppliers of the raw materials of the supplements that one consumes. However, it is essential in order to ensure the traceability and quality of the product.
At Nutrimuscle, we only use very high-end raw materials, the quality of which is guaranteed by world leaders.

Indeed, what matters to us first and foremost is the quality of the raw materials, your health and the results you will obtain by using our nutritional supplements for bodybuilding, bulking, weight loss and all your personal goals!

Who are the large packs intended for?

Since our beginnings, we have offered large packaging at low prices on which our margins are reduced.
Even more economical, the large Nutrimuscle packs are intended for large consumers, group orders of co-workers, sports associations and weight training clubs who wish to offer a supplementation at the best price for their members.

Are Nutrimuscle's aromas natural?

Nutrimuscle pays special attention to its aromas!

We only use plant and natural flavors, unlike others that use chemicals to provide a sweet taste to their proteins. Indeed, many unwise consumers think that if their protein tastes good, it is because it is of high quality.

At Nutrimuscle, no exaggerated aroma reminiscent of the taste of children's chewing gum. We focus on the taste value of our aromas rather than on an excess of perfume hiding a lack of quality.

On the other hand, none of the raw materials used by Nutrimuscle has undergone ionizing treatment. This obviously includes the aromas.

Why does my protein mixes badly?

At Nutrimuscle, quality and transparency reign supreme. We have therefore made the choice not to add soya lecithin (GMO), nor chemicals that promote the miscibility of the powder. Our proteins are therefore a little more difficult to mix in water.

How to improve miscibility?

We advise you to put a bit of water in your shaker, slowly pour your powder and then add 200 to 300 ml of water before stirring. You can then complete your shaker with water as you wish.

The use of carbohydrates such as oat, barley, buckwheat or sweet potato powder helps to increase the miscibility of the protein in water. Mixing with milk is also easier.

Are your products halal, kosher and vegetarian?

Nutrimuscle respects everyone's religious convictions. This is why we strive to offer hallal and kosher products. The same goes for vegetarians.

To facilitate your search, consider using the filters available in our results pages.

I cannot tolerate lactose, which protein should I choose?

I am slightly lactose intolerant:

Good news, you can consume all of our flavored proteins! Indeed, we have added lactase, an enzyme naturally present in our intestines and allowing lactose to be digested. Some people produce more lactase than others. The less lactase we synthesize, the more lactose intolerant we are.

I am totally lactose intolerant, I can't even eat butter:

In this case, we recommend our egg proteins available in our organic or conventional range:

Returns and refunds

How to return a product ?

In accordance with the provisions of article L 221-18 of the Consumer Code, you have 14 days from the date of delivery of your order to return a product that does not satisfy you.

To do this, go to our "return of an order" page and follow the information in the return form.

Please note that :

  • Food supplements can only be returned if the seals have not been removed. This assures us that the product is always fresh and has not been used;
  • The free products must be returned, where applicable they will be invoiced at the price in effect at the time of the refund.
In the event of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the user has the choice of requesting either the reimbursement of the sums paid, or a credit note.
We will reimburse as soon as your order is received by our logistics team.

With the exception of checks (reimbursed by transfer), reimbursement is made via the initial means of payment (credit card, transfer, Paypal) or by a credit note which will be credited back to your account.
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