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Recipe: Breton pancakes with buckwheat flakes

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Our recipe for Breton pancakes with buckwheat flakes

📝 Ingredients⠀

For 2 pancakes ⠀⁠

• 100g of powdered buckwheat flakes⁠ (gluten free) ⠀⁠

• 220g of water⁠ ⠀⁠

• 3g of coarse salt ⠀⁠

Garnish ⁠⠀

• 1 tbsp of olive oil⁠ ⠀⁠

• 1 zucchini ⠀⁠

• 4 slices of bacon at 3% mg ⠀⁠

• 1 ten cherry tomatoes ⠀⁠

• Salt pepper

🥄 Preparation⁠⠀⁠

1. Fry the sliced zucchini with a dash of olive oil to brown it. If necessary, brown the bacon in the same pan afterwards. ⠀⁠

2. In a salad bowl, pour the powdered flakes and the coarse salt. Mix with a whisk, adding the water a little at a time. A fluid paste is obtained.

3. Heat a skillet / crepe maker over high heat. Place a knob of butter, to spread with paper towels. Pour a nice ladle of dough and roll it out in a circle. Crack the egg in the center. Spread the egg white with a fork so that it cooks quickly. ⠀⁠

4. Arrange your sliced grilled vegetables and bacon all around. Then close the galette by folding the edges with a spatula. Add a few cherry tomatoes. Salt and pepper.

5. For more indulgence, add a little crumbled feta cheese. The recipe can be adapted with the vegetables and meat of your choice. ⠀

📊 Nutritional values ⠀⁠

For a plain pancake ⁠

• 182 cal⁠ ⠀⁠

• 35.1g of carbohydrates ⠀⁠

• 3.65g of protein⁠ ⠀⁠

• 1.65g of fat ⠀⁠

For a cake so garnished ⠀⁠

• 289 cal⁠ ⠀⁠

• 40g of carbohydrates⁠

• 16g of protein⁠ ⠀⁠

• 6.9g of fat⁠


🥄📷 Recipe and photo by @sofoodista 

Written on 12/30/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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