Nutrimuscle Quality

High-Quality Supplements Drive Real Results

Since 1993, we have been committed to providing athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and active-minded people with the cleanest, purest, and highest quality supplements available in the market today. But we couldn’t have become recognized as the world’s Sports Nutrition Experts without doing our homework first. This includes staying ahead of the curve around:

  • The most innovative and cutting-edge supplement manufacturing processes
  • The science of sports nutrition, backed by the latest peer-reviewed scientific studies
  • The health and performance benefits associated with the ingredients we use

When you combine all of that with our constant dedication to research and development—in a tireless effort to offer you the best sports supplements available today—we’ve unquestionably raised the bar when it comes to transparency and quality in the sports supplements industry.

Our secret to high-quality sports supplements

Operating at and maintaining a higher standard than the rest of the sports supplements industry is not something that just happens overnight. However, to achieve this, we’ve implemented a series of best practices to ensure that the products delivered to you not only meet our expectations but also surpass yours, too.

1. Carefully vetting suppliers and ingredients

For nearly 30 years, we have taken a science-first approach to everything we do. This is a key differentiator for us, as the vast majority of supplement brands can’t even come close to making the same claim. Part of this involves doing a significant amount of research not only around the latest ingredients used in sports nutrition products but also around the suppliers that provide those ingredients to brands like ours as well as the manufacturing processes they use.

Why does this matter? Well, for starters, the world of sports nutrition is filled with gimmicky fads, hyperbolic claims, and a lot of cut corners. Nutrimuscle was founded specifically to combat the ugliest and, potentially, most harmless parts of the industry. As such, we made a promise—to both ourselves and our customers—that our products would always uphold the highest quality standards because your health depends on it.

As a promise to you, we will always be just as selective about the suppliers we work with as we are about the ingredients we use in our products—including the ingredients we choose not to use. Our product development process isn’t driven by the latest sports nutrition or supplement fads. It’s driven by deep science and research into knowing what athletes need most to thrive.

2. Adhering to a rigorous product development process

We follow a four-step process for confirming the quality and efficacy of our products:

  1. Supplier vettingOur suppliers must be equally committed to our high standards around quality and purity. This includes:

    • Complying with all required health, safety, and hygiene rules for facilities that work with animal-based products of any kind;
    • Ensuring the absence of chemical or genetic manipulation of the ingredients; and
    • Not using heat- or chemical-based extraction techniques (for protein powders) that diminish the natural potency of the amino acid profile.

  2. Internal Quality Assurance: We conduct a series of quality assurance tests on all of our products to ensure that there are no residual physical, chemical, or microbiological elements present (that shouldn’t naturally already be there).

  3. External Quality Assurance: We also involve a third-party quality control company to confirm the quality, purity, and safety of the ingredients used in our products. We do this as an added safeguard to consumers before making products available for purchase.

  4. Ongoing Testing: We regularly spot test our products to ensure that no lapses in product quality have happened over time—especially in cases when we have made changes to our suppliers (ingredients) or manufacturing processes.

3. Listening to our customers’ feedback

The most important element in our entire product development process is ensuring that our customers love the products we create just as much as we do. That’s why before launching any new product, we undergo market research with consumers to give us added confidence that any product we bring to market meets their wants, needs, and expectations. It also gives us an opportunity to receive valuable feedback that we can immediately use to improve the specific characteristics of our products: taste, texture, serving size, digestibility, and so on.

Full control over the production process

Because the quality, purity, and safety of our products are absolutely critical—not only for your health but also for achieving your performance goals—we have invested in our own “artisanal” factory to have a clear line of sight over all aspects of the production process. The benefit of this to you is twofold: It guarantees the freshness of our products while also keeping costs down.

As opposed to many other supplement brands that work with outsourced factories to produce in bulk and then let stocks accumulate—only to throw away unused inventory or worse, reuse those expired goods to create “new” products—we believe in doing everything on-demand. This guarantees freshness, avoids waste, and maintains our quality and purity standards.

Additionally, as a pure-play e-commerce retailer, we manage the full distribution of our product range, as it’s available exclusively on our website. This is yet another way we can guarantee the freshness and on-demand nature of our products—quite the opposite of brands that resell to other stockists who often let products sit on shelves for months.

Whether we’re producing oatmeal in our own mills (to achieve the perfect consistency), filling supplement capsules by hand, or labelling our containers with pharmacist-like precision, we go above and beyond to never cut corners in any way. Why? Because your health matter to us.

We’re tirelessly focused on you

Nutrimuscle was built on a promise to support our community of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and sports-minded people in achieving their performance goals—in the safest, healthiest, and most effective ways possible. That’s why we’ve filled our site with in-depth articles, podcasts, and a community forum and also keep our social media channels buzzing with fun and insightful content to ensure that anyone who is truly passionate about sports nutrition has a go-to resource in Nutrimuscle for learning more and even sharing ideas with each other.

We’re way more than just a supplement brand. Whether by phone, on our website, or via email, we take pride in doing whatever we can to guide you—our customers—expertly on your sports nutrition journey and show you how proper, high-quality supplementation is not only the key to sustained health and wellness but also the best way to unleash your performance potential.