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Nutrimuscle Protein powders

Proteins are essential macronutrients needed for the proper functioning of the human body, protein supplement supports your fitness goals by covering your protein and essential amino acid needs, whether it is to build muscle mass, gain strength or weight loss. Proteins, whether you are an athlete or not, are the basic ingredient required for building muscle. The majority of people can satisfy their protein requirements through a normal, balanced diet (meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, or seeds). Athletes on the other hand, have greater protein requirements. During weight training with repeated training sessions, the muscles are put under greater strain. Proteins are therefore necessary to repair damaged muscle fibers (muscle recovery) and are essential for muscle development. Whey is the most popular protein and the one generally used by bodybuilders. Native whey is derived directly from cow's milk, which guarantees a higher quality than cheese derived whey.

Which Whey Protein is best?

Native whey or "whey concentrate", it contains 80% protein and is absorbed by the body in 15 minutes. Native Whey Isolate is obtained by a cold ultrafiltration process, which makes it possible to obtain an optimal concentration of 90% protein. Native whey isolate is also low in carbohydrates and sugars. It is absorbed within 10 minutes. The choice of your protein should be made according to the objectives you are aiming for. So, you will have to choose one protein rather than another depending on your goal and the timing of your meals.

Alternative protein supplements

We also have Micellar casein: the slow absorption protein. Micellar casein or casein isolate is a protein obtained by filtration directly from milk. It is absorbed in about 7 hours. There is also Egg white protein: the medium-absorption protein. Egg white protein is ideal for diversifying sources or for those who are lactose intolerant. It is a great source of amino acids. It is very easily digested and is ideal for those who cannot tolerate milk. It is absorbed within 3 to 6 hours.
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