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Become a Nutrimuscle tester

How are Nutrimuscle products developed?

At Nutrimuscle, product development is based on scientific evidence and a long search for suppliers to always offer the best raw materials.

Secondly, we carry out internal tests to verify the effects of a molecule, the taste of a protein, its miscibility and its texture once mixed in our house mixes ...

When we are convinced, then we launch a test with our customer community. Why ? Because scientific studies, as rigorous as they are, are not carried out solely on panels of athletes. We need the feelings of our customers to be able to:

Validate the marketing of a new product;
Provide the best advice to our customers on the different feelings and effects of the same product.
As you can see, it can take months, even years, before we launch a new product ...

What does a user test at Nutrimuscle consist of?

First of all you have to be registered with our group of testers. For each test, we select a group of 50 to 100 testers according to criteria that vary for each product: training volume, sports practices, age ...

We send the product to be tested free of charge: it can be a single product or several variations of a product when we need advice on flavors or on different recipes.

After a few weeks, the testers receive a questionnaire by email to complete to share their feelings.

Throughout the test, the Nutrimuscle team remains at your disposal to answer questions.

How to become a tester?

It's very simple, all you have to do is leave us your contact details, we will contact you to suggest that you participate in a future product test!

Please be patient, many of you want to participate, unfortunately places are limited.

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