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Since its creation back in 1993, Nutrimuscle has become the go to food supplements brand recommended by sports coaches.

In just a few years, it has become the reference sports nutrition brand for athletes.

Today, Nutrimuscle represents all athletes and supports top athletes in many sports.

Pioneers in sports nutrition

Nutrimuscle was created by a bodybuilding enthusiast at a time when food supplements were not yet available for the general public.

In the early 90's, there were no French dietary supplements companies, so there were only two options for purchasing supplements. Order proteins from the US at a very high price or cross the border to buy your supplements.

Nutrimuscle was created in 1993, making history as the first French brand of bodybuilding supplements.

Historically based in Franche-Comté, Nutrimuscle has operated on French soil for many years.

The brand then decided to establish itself in Belgium because Belgian law gave precedence to European regulations authorising the marketing of supplements such as creatine and carnitine, unlike in France.

In this way Nutrimuscle has been able to develop its range of products for athletes and to establish itself over the years as the reference brand of dietary supplements for bodybuilding.

Our innovations for athletes

By building its own factory back in 2006, Nutrimuscle has given itself the means to achieve its ambition: to offer the best dietary supplements on the market.

The brand has fought to offer accessible, quality and health-friendly supplements for sustainable sports practice.

Nutrimuscle has pioneered consumer-friendly practices by :

- Offering only pure and fresh raw materials.
- Guaranteeing the traceability of products by communicating their origin, manufacturing details and all the ingredients used in complete transparency.

It is by wanting to transform the market in the long term and at the same time forcing the competition to align itself with these quality criteria that Nutrimuscle has managed to become the reference brand in terms of innovation. This is why :

- in 2009: the first brand to offer native whey in Europe.

- in 2013: the first brand to offer micellar casein in Europe.

- in 2020: the first brand to offer certified organic native whey and the first European brand to offer ceramic microfiltration native whey.

Our support for athletes

Thanks to its seriousness and high standards, Nutrimuscle has always been the brand recommended by sports coaches. In just a few years, it has become the reference sports nutrition brand for athletes.

Today, Nutrimuscle represents all athletes and supports high level athletes in many sports (bodybuilding, crossfit, athletic strength, cycling, combat sports, rock climbing, pole vaulting, double dutch, football).

We support all athletes at all stages of their career. Among the athletes who put their trust in us, there are world champions as well as new talents:

🏆 Lya is French and European champion in athletic strength and has won a world record in squat.

🏆  Bassa et Mickaël Mawem, rock climbing athletes have been 7 times French champion and 1 time world champion. They have been selected for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.

🏆 Lou Dolez is a high level cyclist. At only 18 years old was (in junior category) overall winner of the Cofidis Cup of the North, overall winner of the Winter Cup at the national velodrome and vice champion of the individual road time trial.

We are proud to follow them in their sports nutrition and to help them reach the best level in competition.

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