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  • Natural flavours
  • Ideal for sugar-free diets
  • No glycemic impact
  • No slowing down of protein absorption
  • Perfect with your protein snacks
Delicious aromas to enhance your proteins. Find out more
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  • Powder
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  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Mango
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What are Nutriflavours?

Nutriflavours contain a natural flavour, biotics, and sucralose to add to your protein snacks. 

Nutrimuscle has chosen real innovation: a healthy and smart composition containing pre- and probiotics to strengthen your gut flora and improve the assimilation of the nutrients your Nutriflavour is mixed with.

What are the benefits of Nutriflavour?

No hormonal impact
The sucralose in Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour is metabolically neutral: it has no impact on increasing the level of insulin secretion.

No slowing down of your protein absorption rate
The sucralose in Nutrimuscle's Nutriflavours does not slow down the speed of arrival of anabolic amino acids in the blood and muscles.

Digestive health
Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour contains GanedenBC30® Bacillus Coagulans probiotics. This increases the assimilation of amino acids, optimises your health, and fights against digestive issues (such as bloating) that may arise as a result of a high calorie intake or a diet, both of which are particularly rich in protein.
For further details on Nutrimuscle probiotics, visit Nutrimuscle's Biotics page

Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour

Nutritional values per 100 g

Nutriflavours vanilla:

  • Protein : 0g
  • Carbohydrates : 15g
  • Fat : 0g
  • Calories : 30kcal
  • Fibers : 13,8g

Nutriflavours strawberry:

  • Protein : 0g
  • Carbohydrates : 28,3g
  • Fat : 0g
  • Calories : 58,3kcal
  • Fibers : 26,2g 

Nutriflavours banana:

  • Protein : 0g
  • Carbohydrates : 71,7g
  • Fat : 0g
  • Calories : 147kcal
  • Fibers : 66,5g 

Nutriflavour chocolate:

  • Protein : 16,8g
  • Carbohydrates : 26,1g
  • Fat : 8,4g
  • Calories : 241kcal
  • Fibers : 26,9g


Nutriflavour is available in vanilla, strawberry, and banana: 

  • Natural flavouring; Prebiotics (Frutafit® HD Inulin)
  • Sweetener (Splenda® sucralose)
  • Tolerase L Lactase
  • Probiotics (GBI-30 6086 Bacillus coagulans).

Nutriflavour chocolate: 

  • Fat-free, organically grown lean cocoa alkalised with potassium carbonate
  • Natural flavouring; Prebiotics (Frutafit® HD inulin)
  • Sweetener (Splenda® sucralose)
  • ToleraseTM L Lactase
  • Probiotics (GBI-30 6086 Bacillus coagulans).

Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour

Nutrimuscle has made the choice of a real, obvious innovation with a healthy and intelligent composition containing pre and probiotics to strengthen the intestinal flora and improve the assimilation of the nutrients in which the Nutriaromas will be used.

Nutrimuscle uses only vegetable flavors, no chemicals providing a protein treat taste. Indeed, many unwise consumers think that if their protein tastes good, it is because it is of high quality.

A protein that is too strongly reminiscent of desserts normally forbidden to athletes only means one thing: it is full of chemicals. At Nutrimuscle, no exaggerated aroma reminiscent of the taste of children's chewing gum. We focus on the taste value of our aromas rather than on an excess of perfume hiding a lack of quality.

On the other hand, none of the raw materials used by Nutrimuscle has undergone ionizing treatment. This obviously includes the aromas.


Nutritional composition

100 g1 doseur (0,7 g)
2 doseurs (1,4 g)
3 doseurs (2,1 g)
4 doseurs (2,8 g)
Proteins0 g0 g
0 g0 g0 g
15 g0,1 g
0,2 g0,3 g0,4 g
- Of which sugar
1,08 g0,0075 g
0,015 g0,0225 g0,03 g
Fats0 g0 g0 g0 g0 g
Calories30,8 kcal0,225 kcal
0,45 kcal0,675 kcal
0,9 kcal
125,5 kJ
0,875 kJ
1,75 kJ2,625 kJ
3,5 kJ
Fibers13,8 g0,075 g0,15 g0,225 g0,3 g

1 g (gram) = 1000 mg (milligram)

Usage tips

Who is Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour for?

Thanks to its sweetening power without the drawbacks of classic sugars, Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour is for:

  • Athletes looking to control their calorie intake
  • Inactive people who want to lose weight on a sugar-free diet


3 to 4 scoops in 40 g of Nutrimuscle protein.

Nutriflavour contains Bacillus coagulans. Avoid diluting in chlorinated water like tap water, as this would destroy some of the bacteria in GanedenBC30® Bacillus coagulans.

When should I use Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour?

You can use Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour with all of your various supplements. Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour makes it possible to reduce your sugar intake and therefore 'bad' calories, without having to deprive yourself. In fact, you can enjoy a delicious sweet flavour without suffering the consequences.

Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour can be eaten during meals in your sweet dishes, or diluted in a shaker with your protein snacks.

How do I use Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour?

In your protein shakes
Mix between 2 and 3 g of Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour according to your taste preferences in 40 g of Nutrimuscle proteins or in 10 g of Nutrimuscle collagen peptide.
In your yoghurts or other dairy products
Add between 1 and 3 g of Nutrimuscle Nutriflavour according to your taste preferences and the size of your dairy product.
In your cakes and other sweet recipes
The sweetening power is incredibly strong, so enjoy experimenting without adding extra sugar to your sweet recipes.

Mixing with other Nutrimuscle products

Synergies between supplements
No notable synergies.
Adverse reactions between supplements
No known negative interactions with other supplements.

Find out more

Purity of raw materials guaranteed

It's rare for consumers to have access to the names of the suppliers of the raw materials that go into the supplements they consume. However, this is essential to ensure product traceability.
At Nutrimuscle, we use only the highest quality ingredients guaranteed by world leaders: SPLENDA® produces Nutrimuscle sucralose at its Singapore factory.

Quality products

Origin of the chocolate flavor

It is made from real lean, fat-free cocoa produced by CHOCOVIC, a renowned chocolate maker who has been making chocolate since 1872. Thanks to cocoa, the brown color is natural, so it does not come from artificial coloring. To perfect the taste of cocoa in the preparation, the beans are soaked in alkaline water rich in potassium carbonate, which will soften the bean before its mechanical grinding and provide that light and slightly bitter taste of chocolate aroma.

Origin of the vanilla aroma
It contains a dual source of aroma from ROBERTET, a French company created in 1850, which is today one of the world leaders in aromatic products. One flavor is composed of vanilla cream, the other of vanilla bean. It is also these pods that explain the presence of tiny black dots on the white vanilla background.

Origin of the strawberry flavor
The strawberry taste is obtained thanks to strawberry juice, concentrated, from ROBERTET. The pink color comes from beet juice concentrate.

Origin of the banana flavor
The banana taste comes from a mixture of aromatic substances from ROBERTET, identical to the natural aromatic extracts of bananas. The yellow color is obtained thanks to the extract of a plant widely used in cooking: turmeric.

Beware of false organic flavors
Some unscrupulous dealers don't hesitate to sell you "organic flavors" or with more than 30% organic products in their flavors, selling you "obvious innovation". Beware: extracting aromas from natural products cannot be labeled organic.

To deceive the consumer, these resellers will add in their aromas a fixing agent, or thickener such as an organic sugar, such as maltodextrin which will make up most of the finished product and will allow them to sell "organic" while the aroma in itself cannot be.

This mixture, designed for marketing and not for the consumer, makes you consume high calorie sugar with a high glycemic index: this is all that the athlete does not want.


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