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After a weight training session, the body is in a situation of muscle catabolism. This is because the body has used the amino acids in the muscles to produce energy, which leads to the destruction of muscle fibers and therefore to a loss of muscle! If the body does not recover and regenerate, the risk is that you will lose the benefits of your training. It is therefore essential to provide the body with proteins and amino acids, but not only! Training has also put a strain on your cardiovascular system, nerves and joints. This means that injuries and overtraining are never far away. Discover our supplementation programme to improve your recovery and push your limits!


Multivitamins : Taking a daily multivitamin helps the athlete to fight against deficiencies and to protect his immune cells against free radicals which are more abundant during intense physical effort.

In bodybuilding, athletes have a higher need for vitamins to optimise muscle recovery following training. In addition, vitamins help to limit the appearance of night cramps (1-2).

Multiminerals: During a weight training session, the athlete loses minerals due to increased sweating. This is why we recommend taking a Multimineral supplement to compensate for deficiencies and limit inflammation and muscle damage that can impair performance, particularly thanks to zinc and selenium (3).

Omega 3: Cardiovascular health must not be neglected in order to progress in bodybuilding. This is why we recommend a daily intake of Omega 3. Indeed, they allow a more fluid blood circulation and they help to lower blood pressure (4). They also help to reduce the negative effects of muscle soreness and improve recovery (5,6).

Musclewhey: In a sport like bodybuilding, the importance of supplementation is no longer a question. Indeed, supplementation before exercise helps to limit muscular fatigue (7,8), while supplementation after exercise more particularly helps to improve muscle reconstruction and development.

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Training Supplements

Cluster Dextrin: Cluster Dextrin® is a carbohydrate that is particularly suitable to use before or after weight training. Cluster Dextrin increases endurance (10) and improves recovery after exercise. Indeed, this highly branched cyclic dextrin provides a high energy intake by supplying the body with glycogen. In addition, it promotes the resynthesis of muscle glycogen after exercise, which allows for faster recovery.

BCAA 4.1.1: BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids found naturally in protein. For the bodybuilder, an additional intake improves muscle construction by stimulating protein synthesis and reduces muscle damage caused by training (11), thus leading to better recovery.

Mix Focus: Mix Focus contains green caffeine and citicoline. We recommend this mix to bodybuilders who want to maintain the same level of concentration during training. The mix focus also contains astaxanthin. This very powerful anti-oxidant allows athletes to be more enduring thanks to a better metabolism of lipids leading to an increase in aerobic performance (12). The caffeine contained in the focus mix helps to reduce the effort perceived during training (13).

In addition, the citicoline in mix focus allows the same level of muscle strength to be maintained during the session. This is crucial in weight training. Citicoline is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is very important for the muscles and the brain because it controls the contraction force. Intense effort in bodybuilding depletes the stocks of acetylcholine, causing a progressive loss of muscle strength.

Training Supplements

Collagen Type 1: The main obstacles to progress in bodybuilding are pain and injury. The practice of bodybuilding puts a great deal of strain on the joints and tendons. In this context, collagen supplementation is very important for an athlete practising bodybuilding and training regularly.

Indeed, collagen allows better lubrication of the tendons (14) and better prevention of injurieslinked to intense and frequent efforts (acute aches, tendon pains, knee problems). Daily collagen supplementation is therefore a valuable aid in limiting the risk of injury and reducing the level of pain linked to repeated bodybuilding sessions.

ZMB: Intense strength training puts a strain on the nervous system. The nervous system regenerates itself during sleep, but the quality of sleep of strength athletes is generally poorer after training.

For people with sleep disorders, we recommend zinc and magnesium supplementation. These minerals combined together in the form of pidolates provide relaxing effects that promote better sleep and better muscle and nerve relaxation (15).

ZMB is a supplement combining magnesium and zinc pidolates and vitamin B6 specifically designed to improve nerve and neuronal recovery.

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