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Supplements for Crossfit

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Crossfit is a discipline that combines varied and intense workouts. Without surprise, this type of demanding activity puts a strain on muscles and joints. Recovery is priceless in this discipline, as it reduces the risk of injury and helps you progress day by day. Discover our supplementation programme to improve your recovery and push your limits!

The Fundamental Supplements

Multivitamins: Taking a multivitamin supplement every day helps to prevent deficiencies and protect immune cells against the aggression of free radicals that proliferate during physical effort.

A Crossfit athlete particularly needs vitamins to promote good muscle recovery following training. In addition, a good supply of vitamins limits the occurrence of night cramps (1-2).

Omega 3 : Crossfit is an activity that is beneficial to general health but puts the cardiovascular system under severe strain. Daily intake of omega 3s improves blood flow and helps to lower blood pressure (4). They also reduce the effects of muscle soreness and improve recovery (5,6).

BCAA 4.1.1 : Intense Crossfit training causes amino acid losses. In this context, BCAA supplementation promotes muscle recovery (thanks to improved protein synthesis). With a minimum dose of 5 g of BCAAs taken before training, the level of muscle soreness decreases and it fades more quickly (7).

Collagen Type 1 : Collagen supplementation is very important for athletes who train regularly. Indeed, collagen allows better lubrication of the tendons (8) and better prevention of injuries linked to intense and frequent efforts (acute aches, tendon pains, knee problems).

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Supplements for Training

Cluster Dextrin : the cluster dextrin is a carbohydrate particularly suited to pre and intra training. It provides the body with energy that can be rapidly used by the muscles thanks to its optimal absorption and assimilation. In addition, this carbohydrate has the great advantage of being easily digested and not weighing down the stomach (12).

ZMP : an intense Crossfit session also puts the nervous system to a severe test. The nervous system regenerates itself at night during sleep. However, most athletes do not sleep well because of the nervous tension caused by training, so we recommend supplementing with zinc and magnesium.

In this context, we recommend supplementing with zinc and magnesium, because these minerals in the form of pidolates have a relaxing effect. This allows the athlete to have a better muscular and nervous relaxation (13). ZMP is a supplement that combines magnesium and zinc pidolates to improve nerve and neuronal recovery.

Mix Focus :Mix Focus contains green caffeine and citicoline. This mix is recommended to maintain a good concentration during a Crossfit session. The focus mix also contains astaxanthin. This very powerful anti-oxidant promotes endurance performance through improved lipid metabolism, which leads to an increase in aerobic performance (14).

The focus mix makes it possible to feel the effort less during training thanks to the caffeine (15). In addition, the citicoline in mix focus enables the same level of muscle strength to be maintained during the session. In fact, citicoline is a precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is very important for the muscles and the brain because it controls the force of contraction. Intense training depletes the stocks of acetylcholine, causing a progressive loss of muscle strength.

Diet Protein Blend : A demanding discipline such as Crossfit requires an adapted protein supplementation. This is because it helps to develop the body and to promote sporting progress. Protein supplementation after the session stimulates protein synthesis for better muscle repair, while facilitating the resynthesis of muscle glycogen (1).

Diet Blend is a mixture specially designed to optimise dryness and recovery after training. It contains a high and really effective dosage of L-Carnitine to maximise fat oxidation during the session and afterwards. The Taurine and Glutamine in the blend reinforce the effectiveness of the Carnitine. Enriched with fibre, Diet Blend provides energy while acting as an appetite suppressant.

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