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Regular practice of an endurance sport such as swimming increases micronutrient losses, leads to cramps and soreness and causes inflammation and muscle damage. Athletes wishing to limit these harmful effects must follow an adapted supplementation programme.

Competitive swimmers need more advanced sports nutrition to exceed their performance. Indeed, high-level practice requires: optimisation of muscle and neuronal recovery, improvement of glycogen and energy synthesis, reinforcement of joint and tendon protection and better muscle repair and anabolism.


Multivitamins: Taking a daily multivitamin supplement helps to avoid deficiencies and to protect immune cells that are destroyed by free radicals generated during exercise. Taking vitamins also improves muscle recovery after a swimming session and helps to reduce night cramps (1-2).

Multiminerals : Taking a multimineral every day prevents deficiencies, reduces inflammation and muscle damage, particularly thanks to zinc and selenium (3) and protects the bone structure thanks to magnesium (4,5).

Omega 3 : Daily intake of omega 3s reduces the stress and fatigue on the heart caused by repeated training (6). They also reduce the effects of muscle soreness and improve recovery by strengthening antioxidant defences (7,8).

BCAA 4.1.1: BCAAs improve recovery after training by enhancing muscle protein synthesis. Taking at least 5 g of BCAAs before training reduces the level of muscle soreness and accelerates its recovery (9).

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Musclewhey : Post-training protein supplementation promotes muscle fiber repair by enhancing muscle protein synthesis and by facilitating muscle glycogen resynthesis (10).

Musclewhey is a blend of native whey and native whey isolate: these are rapidly assimilated proteins suitable for intake immediately after training to speed up recovery.

Lean Gainer Whey oats : Adequate supplementation with quality carbohydrates is crucial both in preparation for a swimming session and afterwards in order to optimise recovery and compensate for the glycogen depletion induced by the effort (11).

Oats are a suitable carbohydrate to improve recovery after training and help to limit the drop in tone that degrades sports performance the day after a swimming session.

Collagen Type 1 : Although swimming has benefits for cardiovascular health, it does not have positive effects on bone strength or density according to the scientific literature (12).

Like all other athletes who train regularly, swimmers are particularly exposed to injuries and pain. From this point of view, collagen supplementation becomes essential to maintain good performance.

Collagen helps maintain and protect the bone structure and promotes the lubrication of tendons. It therefore helps to prevent acute aches and pains in the tendons.

Cluster Dextrin : Cluster Dextrin® is an ideal carbohydrate for pre- and intra-training intake as it does not weigh down the stomach thanks to its very short passage time in the stomach. This dextrin is also assimilated very quickly by the body, providing immediate energy (13).

ZMB : Intense running training has negative effects on the nervous system. It is during sleep that the nervous system regenerates itself, but the quality of sleep with athletes is generally impaired due to the nervous tension caused by training.

One way to counteract this is to supplement with zinc and magnesium. These minerals, combined together in the form of pidolates, have a relaxing effect on sleep and muscle and nerve relaxation (16). ZMB is a supplement containing magnesium and zinc pidolates and vitamin B6, specially designed to improve nerve and neuronal recovery.

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