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Vitamin B12

  • Natural and patented form: Methylcobalamin
  • Promotes cardio-vascular health
  • Protects the nervous system
  • Helps fight against oxidative stress
Rich in vitamin B12, in natural and bioavailable form. Find out more
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Why Nutrimuscle vitamin B12?

Nutrimuscle offers you vitamin B12 in its natural and bioavailable form: methylcobalamin. This form of vitamin B12 is directly usable by the body and therefore does not need to go through several stages of processing to show its effectiveness. Methylcobalamin alone also has a much higher absorption capacity compared to other forms of B12.

What is vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 or cobalamin belongs to the family of B vitamins known for their water-soluble characteristics. 

In the diet, vitamin B12 is generally found in dairy products and meats, which explains why vegans and vegetarians are often deficient. This vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to the appearance of serious symptoms as this vitamin is very important for the proper functioning of the body. Indeed, it contributes to the metabolism of cells and proteins.

What are the benefits of vitamin B12 for you?

Reduction of oxidative stress

Intense training or exercise promotes the production of free radicals. These are aggressive molecules that attack the cells and promote the appearance of aches and pains after the session. Vitamin B12 minimises the harmful action of free radicals by eliminating nitric oxide involved in oxidative stress (1).

Fostering Cardiovascular Health

High homocysteine levels are associated with heart disease or cardiovascular disorders. Vitamin B12 supplements are often recommended to lower homocysteine levels in the body. (2-3)

Indeed, one of the main beneficial actions of methylcobalamin is to recycle homocysteine into methionine (4). This mechanism of action explains the positive effects of vitamin B12 in the prevention of cardiovascular disorders.

Protection of the nervous system

Vitamin B12 contributes to the production of a material (neurolemma) that helps protect the nerves (5). The preservation of this protective myelin sheath of the nerves provides long-term positive effects for the nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord. Methylcobalamin also contributes to the formation of S-adenosyl methionine which has an important role in nerve protection (4-5).

Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle vitamin B12

Nutritional composition per 100g:

  • Protein 0g
  • Fat 0g
  • Carbohydrates 0g
  • Calories 0kcal
  • BCAA 0g


Vitamin B12 in capsules:

  • Prebiotics (Inulin Frutafit HD)
  • Vitamin B12 Mecobalactive®
  • Vegetarian HPMC capsule and water

Nutrimuscle vegetarian capsules
100% vegetable cellulose 
Gelatin free
GMO free
No preservatives 
Allergen free
Sugar free
Starch free 

About Nutrimuscle Vitamin B12

We chose vitamin B12 in the natural methylcobalamin form because it has superior bioavailability and stronger assimilation power (even taken alone).

We have chosen Mecobalactive® vitamin B12 from the producer HealthTech BioActives for its exceptional quality and patented production process.

Generally, the production of vitamin B12 methylcobalamin can lead to environmental pollution. This is not the case with our vitamin B12 produced by HealthTech BioActives, which has no harmful effects on the environment.


Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle vitamin B12

1 capsuleRDA*
Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin10mcg1000%

1 capsule contains 10mcg of vitamin B12 - * 

RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance -

Usage tips

Who is Nutrimuscle Vitamin B12 for?

Nutrimuscle Vitamin B12 is for:

  • athletes who have greater vitamin needs to maintain their health and improve their performance; 
  • sedentary people, vegetarians and vegans who need to improve their vitamin B12 intake.


We recommend a daily intake of one vitamin B12 capsule.

When should I take Nutrimuscle Vitamin B12?

We advise you to take your vitamin B12 capsule with one of your meals during the day.

How do I take Nutrimuscle Vitamin B12?

We recommend taking vitamin B12 with a meal to increase its assimilation and to benefit from the positive interactions with other nutrients.

Interactions with other Nutrimuscle products

Synergies between supplements

Vitamin B12 acts in synergy with Multivitamins, Multiminerals, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2-MK7, Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium Citrate.

Antagonisms between supplements

Vitamin B12 assimilation is reduced in the presence of potassium citrate and potassium bicarbonate.

Scientific References

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Find out more

Guaranteed purity of raw materials

As consumers of our products, we favour traceability and transparency for our producers and our supplements.

At Nutrimuscle, we only use top-of-the-range vitamins whose quality is guaranteed by leading international players: the Spanish group HealthTech BioActives, a vitamin specialist, produces the Mecobalactive® Nutrimuscle vitamin B12.

Differences between methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin

Our vitamin B12 Mecobalactive® is in the form of methylcobalamin because its assimilation is very good even without the presence of other reinforcing vitamins.

Vitamin B12 present in our Multivitamins is in the form of cyanocobalamin, its assimilation is very good thanks to the presence of other vitamins which will synergize with the latter. Plus, when ingested, this form converts to methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, two active forms of vitamin B12 that work together to improve brain and nervous system health.

You can therefore take cyanocobalamin (in our Multivitamins) and methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12 Mecobalactive®) in a complementary manner to benefit from the broad spectrum of the benefits of vitamin B12.

Benefits of vitamin B12 Nutrimuscle in more detail

Reduced oxidative stress and improved recovery

As explained earlier, free radicals are molecules that attack cells, which can lead to muscle damage. A recent study found the link between intense exercise and increased free radical production (1). The oxidative stress caused by training is then partly responsible for the aches that appear after exercise.

Nitric oxide also called nitric oxide is a gas that comes into play in the phenomenon of oxidative stress. In case of excess nitric oxide, vitamin B12 forms chemical bonds with it. This results in the manufacture of another substance called nitrocobalamin which can in turn be excreted in the urine. This is why vitamin B12 supplementation can reduce oxidative stress (2) and therefore improve the athlete's recovery.

Promoting cardiovascular health
As explained above, a high homocysteine level increases the risk of developing heart or vascular problems. In fact, the higher the homocysteine level, the more the blood tends to clot. This can then increase the risk of clots in the blood that can cause cardiovascular accidents.

Vitamin B12 helps regulate homocysteine levels and keep them at a level that is not harmful to health.

Protection of the nervous system
Vitamin B12 has beneficial effects on the regeneration of nerves (3). It also plays an important role in the development of cognitive and brain functions (4). Finally, vitamin B12 helps restore myelin which has a protective role for the nerves.

Scientific References

  • (1) Uchiyama S., et al. Relationship between oxidative stress in muscle tissue and weight-lifting-induced muscle damage. Pflügers Archiv European Journal of Physiology. 2006 April ; 452 (1) 109-116.
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  • (4) Hall, C. A. (1990), Function of vitamin B12 in the central nervous system as revealed by congenital defects. Am. J. Hematol., 34: 121–127. doi: 10.1002/ajh.2830340208


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