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Native Whey Isolate

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Nutrimuscle's most popular protein: 100% purity and ultra high in protein. Discover our Native Whey Isolate, on its own or in a pack, plain or flavoured, in powder or in bars.
Get your high-quality Native whey Isolate protein powder to support the growth and maintenance of your muscles. Nutrimuscle Native Whey Isolate comes from French milk, contains 90% protein, has gone through no chemical process and no deterioration of the protein and has a very low lactose content.
Native Whey Isolate is a fast absorption protein therefore perfect to build muscle mass, supports your goals and has an appetite suppressant effect to help you lose weight. When it comes to anabolism, it is the quality of the protein that makes the difference.
Check out our wide range of Native Whey Isolate and select the one best for you.

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