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Buckwheat Flakes (Organic)

  • Very high quality oats
  • Organic - Gluten free
  • Ideal diet food
  • Powder produced with our own millstones
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  • Energy
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What are organic buckwheat flakes?

Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes are a whole grain, organically grown cereal. The glycemic index of Nutrimuscle's organic buckwheat flakes is approximately 50 (5).

What are the benefits of organic buckwheat flakes?

Appetite-suppressant effect
Thanks to their high fibre content, Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes have a fairly high appetite-suppressant effect.

Fibre and health support
Compared to conventional carbohydrates such as maltodextrin or dextrose, which provide fast energy that requires little effort to assimilate, Nutrimuscle's organic buckwheat flakes provide slower energy and are also more of a health food.

Protein supply
Although Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes do not contain gluten, they do provide about 13% protein (proteins that do not cause immune problems) and contain all the essential amino acids.
For further details on the benefits of Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes, visit the Find out more section.

Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes

Nutritional values per 100 g of oats

  • Protein : 13,3g
  • Carbohydrates : 70,2g
  • Fat : 3,3g
  • Calories : 364kcal
  • Gluten : 0,5mg

Nutritional values per 100 g of powder

  • Protein : 13,3g
  • Carbohydrates : 70,2g
  • Fat : 3,3g
  • Calories : 364kcal
  • Gluten : 0,5mg


Wholegrain organic buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum): cleaned, shelled, steamed, and rolled.

Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes

Nutrimuscle has made the choice of “organic” even if this is automatically more expensive than foods from intensive cultivation. Indeed, what matters most to us is the quality of the raw materials, your health and the results that you will obtain by using our nutritional supplements.

Medical analyzes have shown that "organic" foods are richer in vitamins and minerals than the same "classic" foods, but grown industrially. In addition, thanks to organic farming, these same foods contain less nitrates and pesticide residues than the others (1).

This dual quality is essential for cereals such as Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes, which is a food that you consume often (every day or even several times a day) and in significant quantities. But Nutrimuscle does not want to market just any organic. Our desire is always to bring you the best in the field. This is why we import our cereals from Germany, the leading organic country.


Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes

100 g40 g80 g
Proteins13,3 g5,3 g
10,6 g
Carbohydrates70,2 g26,1 g
56,2 g
Fat3,3 g1,3 g
2,6 g
Calories364 kcal145,5 kcal
291 kcal
1470 kJ
588 kJ
1176 kJ
Fibers4,7 g1,9 g
3,8 g
Gluten (Gliadine)
0,4 mg0,16 mg
0,32 mg
Magnesium220 mg88 mg
176 mg
Potassium520 mg208 mg416 mg
Phosphorus440 mg176 mg352 mg

1 g (gram) = 1000 mg (milligram) -

Usage tips

Who are Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes for?

Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes are for:

  • Athletes, for their slow-release energy during exercise
  • Inactive people, who can reap the benefits of their high fibre content, or enjoy them as part of their diet plan


Dilute 40 g (3 scoops) in milk or room-temperature mineral water twice a day.

When should I consume Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes?

In the morning
Combine 75 to 100 g of Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes in the morning with 30 to 50 g of whey protein to provide your muscles with the energy and protein they need.

Between meals
Take 40 to 100 g of Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes with 20 to 30 g of whey protein to fill any anabolic gaps.

Before a training session
One hour before a workout, consuming 50 to 75 g of Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes provides extra energy for your muscles. Combine Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes with total protein to put your body in perfect stead for a training session.

During a training session
To combat fatigue, consume 30 to 50 g of Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes every 30 minutes. They can be combined with whey protein, amino acids, or BCAAs.

After a training session
Add 50 to 100 g of Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes to your whey protein to assist energetic and muscular recovery. One hour after training, take 50 to 100 g of Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes with your protein to prolong the post-exercise anabolic response.

How should I consume Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes?

You can mix Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes with milk or mineral water. That liquid could be:

  • Hot - in this case Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes will expand and soften faster
  • Warm - in this case the expanding and softening processes will take longer

As part of a diet plan, it's best to allow Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes to puff up for a long time, as you'll feel like there's more to eat when they're full of liquid. The mixture will then be 'heavier' in your stomach, which will fill it up and keep hunger at bay. When you're building muscle, you won't have to leave them to soak as long, so you can absorb the maximum amount of calories for a minimum effort in terms of digestion.

In addition to the liquid and cereals, it's important to add protein powder in order to perfectly nourish your muscles. During and after training, and as a snack during the day and in the morning, whey protein is best.
Before training, in the evening, or when your meals are spaced far apart while on a diet, opt for total protein. Sweeten with sucralose, stevia, or our delicious Nutri-aroma to give a pleasant taste to your mixture without adding sugar.

Interactions with other Nutrimuscle products

Synergies between supplements
Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes improve protein assimilation.

Adverse reactions between supplements

Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes tend to slow down the assimilation of whey proteins and Peptopro®.

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Purity of raw materials guaranteed

It's rare for consumers to have access to the names of the suppliers of the raw materials that go into the supplements they consume. However, this is essential to ensure product traceability. At Nutrimuscle, we only use the very best organic buckwheat flakes, the quality of which is guaranteed by world leaders: DAVERT GmbH produces Nutrimuscle's organic buckwheat flakes at its factory in Germany.

German group DAVERT GmbH represents a guarantee of quality: this company has been selling certified organic food for more than 25 years. This means that DAVERT has been specialised in organic products since long before it became a trend. DAVERT GmbH makes organic products out of passion, not simply to follow market trends. They've always believed that organic is the only way to eat healthily.

Thanks to this leadership, DAVERT GmbH is one of the top suppliers of organic food in Germany. Many years of experience have earned them a great deal of expertise, particularly in terms of their carefully selected farmers, with whom they have long-lasting relationships. DAVERT GmbH's organic standards do not only cover the minimum requirements for certification. They go way beyond that. Their cereals are all subject to systematic compliance analysis by an independent laboratory.

On the other hand, DAVERT GmbH has developed innovative systems for separating and cleaning cereals, which provides a very pure product. Just like Nutrimuscle, DAVERT GmbH's philosophy is to focus above all on product quality. Their offerings are made affordable thanks to bulk, simple packaging and minimalist marketing. And like Nutrimuscle, DAVERT is against GMOs and refuses to use them.

Certified gluten-free buckwheat flakes

For people who are gluten intolerant, consuming Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes does not induce the toxicity that comes with gluten-containing cereals.
No antibodies or negative immune responses have been noted (1). 

This is not surprising, as Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes are certified gluten-free: between 3 and 5 mg of gluten per kilo of the final product. Gluten-free foodstuffs must contain under 20 mg of gluten per kilo (Regulation (EC) No 41/2009).

For athletes who want a gluten-free and healthy source of carbohydrates, rich in fibre and micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes are the cereal of choice (2). 

In this context, Nutrimuscle's organic buckwheat flakes can be useful in five different situations for athletes:

  • If they don't want to sacrifice bread and ready meals. Instead of adding even more gluten to their diet, it is better to opt for Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes rather than Nutrimuscle organic oat or barley flakes.
  • To moderate their gluten intake, especially when overeating or carb-loading, for example. Instead of only consuming cereals containing gluten, they can mix with Nutrimuscle's gluten-free organic buckwheat flakes. This also allows you to vary your sources of nutrients rather than relying on a single food item. This reduces the risk of allergies or digestive problems, and you also benefit from the specific aspects of each of these cereals.
  • When you reduce your food intake as part of a diet plan, you weaken the digestive and immune systems, which become more sensitive to various attacks. As a result, many athletes end up getting sick when they lose weight. To aid digestion and immunity, gluten can be eliminated by switching from Nutrimuscle organic oats or barley flakes to organic buckwheat flakes.
  • This is of course the only option for those with coeliac disease. Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes, which are certified gluten-free, are the perfect solution.
  • Self-testing If you have any doubts about gluten allergies, simply stop consuming gluten for 1 month and use Nutrimuscle's organic buckwheat flakes as a source of certified gluten-free cereals to see if you feel better or if it doesn't make a difference.

Buckwheat flakes or powdered buckwheat flakes?

When minding your weight, it is best to opt for Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes rather than powdered organic buckwheat flakes. Indeed, we are obliged to chew the flakes. These also take longer to be digested. The feeling of satiety will be prolonged, which is an asset when you want lean muscle.

On the other hand, when muscle gain is problematic, opt for Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat powder for their ease of assimilation.

Do not confuse powdered buckwheat flakes and buckwheat flour
There is buckwheat flour available for cooking. As it is, this flour does not taste very good and is not very digestible (trypsin inhibitors). We have the impression of eating an extract of bark that is still green. Sensation that continues to rise and may generate hints.

On the contrary, Nutrimuscle Organic Buckwheat Flakes Powder are obtained from organic buckwheat flakes which have been ground into very fine particles (less than 2 millimeters) and very regular in Nutrimuscle's stone grinders. Thus, we do not find the irregularity or abrasiveness of the flour or the flakes that we would have passed ourselves in the blender. This particular attention given to the grinding of the flakes facilitates the soaking and therefore the dissolution of the powder in water or in milk.

In order to avoid the pitfall of bitter taste, Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat powder has been pre-cooked, which gives it a pleasant taste. Thus, they are ready to eat, easy to prepare and very digestible, which is a benefit before, during and right after training.

Benefits of Nutrimuscle Organic Buckwheat Flakes in more detail

Grains are a very healthy source of carbohydrates. These are important for the athlete because they give him a boost of energy for training as well as for recovery and muscle growth. It is for this reason that it is recommended to take oats or barley before and after training. The problem with these two grains is that they contain gluten, a protein that can cause digestive problems in some.

Fiber and health maintenance
Compared to conventional carbohydrates, such as maltodextrin or dextrose, which provide rapid energy requiring little assimilation effort, Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes provide slower energy and also have a lot more "health". This is because buckwheat flakes are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (3-4). In addition, having been pre-steamed, they contain little or no trypsin inhibitors.

For health, the minimum daily fiber intake is estimated at 25 g. The optimal daily intake should exceed 30 g. It is only beyond this threshold that the risk of colon cancer is reduced by 50% (2). However, in France, the average consumption is only 21 g for men and 17 g for women.

A diet poor in fruits and vegetables explains this fiber deficiency. Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes provide 3.7g of fiber per 100g. They help maintain your digestive health, which is often compromised by the repetition of your intense muscular workouts.

Protein intake
While Nutrimuscle organic buckwheat flakes do not contain gluten, they do provide around 13% protein (proteins that do not cause immune problems) (3). Buckwheat contains all the essential amino acids. In animals, the effects on muscle hypertrophy of these proteins are similar in magnitude to those of casein (4).

What sets buckwheat apart from milk protein is that it is almost four times richer in arginine. On the other hand, buckwheat is poorer in BCAAs. So it's a good idea to combine these two supplements, especially for vegetarians.

Scientific references

  • (1) de Francischi ML. Immunological analysis of serum for buckwheat fed celiac patients. Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 1994 Oct;46(3):207-11.
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